Mount Martha Life Saving Club – Committee 2023-2024
Position Name Club Email
President Steve Wishart
Director of Finance & Business Partnerships Luke Woods
Director of Club Operations Ryan Andrews
Director of Membership & Inclusion
Director of Education Leah Andrews
Director of Junior Development Natalie Howard
Director of Life Saving Chris Quinn
Director of Surf Sports Andy Cook
Director of Health & Wellbeing Kayley Ward 
Director of Marketing & Communications Tara Godden 
Director of Events Ben Kaylock 
Assistant President    
Strategic Planning Consultant Ben Schramm  
Public Officer Gary March  
Assistant Treasurer Bec Gibbs
Sponsorship Coordinator Penny Flint 
Sponsorship Administrator Virginia Richardson 
Grants Officer
Business Consultant
Fundraising Coordinator    
Assistant Secretary Jenny Donaldson
OH&S Officer Nick Wootton
Building Maintenance & Working Bee Coordinator Steve Hofer
Club Historian Sally Garvey-Page
Assistant Director – Membership & Inclusion
Starfish Nippers Coordinator Sarah Hilli
Inclusion & Diversity Coordinator Jeremy Fultheim 
Membership Coordinator Lauren Quinn 
Active Membership Coordinator  
Communication (social media) Manager  
Assistant Director – Education  
Awards Manager  
Competition Officials Manager Deanne Johnstone  
Professional Learning Manager    
TAF Team (trainers & assessors) EOI for season 24/25  
Schools Program Coordinators Sylvie Walker/Natalie Howard 
Communication (social media) Manager    
Assistant Director – Life Saving    
Patrol Captain Asger Hardt 
First Aid Officer Bernadine Mooney-Wilde 
IRB Captain Brian Harvey 
Gear Steward (Patrol) John Harvey 
SSV Captain Tim Dodd 
Radio Captain Shane Dawson 
Patrol Awards & Recognition Coordinator Chris Quinn 
Communication (social media) Manager    
Assistant Director – Surf Sports Ange Iliopoulos
Seniors Manager/Carnival Registrar    
Masters Coordinator Kayley Ward 
Social Media Manager (Seniors) Chloe McGill   
MM Gold Manager Grant Gibbs   
Gear Steward (Competition) Keith Hunter 
Club Carnival Coordinator
Club Captains (Male & Female – Seniors & Masters) tba  
Gym Manager Joe Walker 
Coaching Team tba  
Surf Boat Manager Steve Hofer
IRB Racing Manager Tim Dodd  
Communication (social media) Manager    
Assistant Director – Junior Development    
Nipper Training Manager    
Nipper Competition Manager Peter Johnstone
Nipper Social Events Manager    
Nipper Age Manager Manager    
Nipper Safety Manager (First Aid)
Nipper New Member Support Manager
Nipper Merchandise Rep Kate Brooks 
Nipper Carnival Registrar    
Communication (social media) Manager Jade Van Den Heuvel  
Assistant Director – Health & Wellbeing    
Icebergers Coordinator Scott Fifield
Life Member Manager  
Child Safety Officer Louise O’Neill
Member Protection Officer Sue Flanagan  
Wellbeing Officer (female) Susie Wheelahan
Wellbeing Officer (male) Geoff Noble
Beach Clean Coordinator Cathy Mitchell
Communication (social media) Manager    
Assistant Director – Marketing & Communications  
Website Administrator  
IT Manager Simon Tate
Media Coordinator    
Club Photographer    
Team App Administrator Simon Tate 
Merchandise Coordinator Kaya Cook
Resources Coordinator David Mooney
Assistant Director – Events    
Bar Manager Nick McCulloch
Social Coordinator    
Club Hire Manager Chris Gillham
Diamond Swim Coordinator Andrew Felsinger 
Communication (social media) Manager    
Club Administrator Pam Mowat
Club Administrator Lauren Quinn 
Swim Coach Jack Waterfall
Beach Coach
Carly Platt 
Canteen Manager